Hydra competitive gaming

My sweat, my blood, your tears

Hydra gaming competitive

We are a 9 vs 9 (highlander) Team Fortress 2 (tf2) team participating in UGC and asiafortress competitions. We also have a smaller 6's team and 4v4 called GIBUSGUYS. A Dota team is coming up soon.

| Asia Roster |

Scout - Stunnerâ„¢ | mr_restore
Soldier - Shinna Mashiro | Frankies 
Pyro - Wheatgrass | Tohka 
Demoman - Zimnunium | 
Heavy - Dark Night Fugitive | Jo-wayn 
Medic - Milo_ | 
Engineer - Super_Cube | Steven 
Sniper - =Blizzard= | Nivek 
Spy - Technox |

BIG thanks to sorata no Baka for the new AWESOME logo he made us for FREE.

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